network prob

Janne Jokitalo janne.jokitalo at
Sat Sep 15 09:51:30 UTC 2007

James Takac wrote:
> Hi Guys

Hello James,

> As of the other day one of my desktops has ceased being able to get an address 
> from my router. Also if I try to start network from system -> 
> administration -> network, it says it's starting, then nothing. It never 
> opens. Any ideas as to what I can try?

I am reading out of this text that you're using DHCP, if so then can you
open your terminal and post the output of `ifconfig`. If everything seems to
be in order, then issue `sudo ifdown <interface>`, and then `sudo ifup
<interface>` where you replace the network adapter name to the <interface>
part. It might be useful to post the output of the latter command as well.
Maybe we can help you out when we see the error message(s).



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