Evolution or Thunderbird

Paul Tansom paul at aptanet.com
Fri Sep 14 10:23:14 UTC 2007

** Steve Lamb <grey at dmiyu.org> [2007-09-14 00:42]:
> Paul Tansom wrote:
> > I don't see an option to automatically check all folders. 
>      Check all folders no.  Right click on any folder, select properties, put 
> a checkmark in "Check this folder for new messages."
>      And since people have talked about it even though I don't personally use 
> it I decided to go poking around.  Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Advanced 
> Configuration (Config Editor) -> search for "check" and there's an option, set 
> to false by default, mail.check_all_imap_folders_for_new.  I presume setting 
> it true would have the desired results.
** end quote [Steve Lamb]

It is amazing the number of different places there are in modern
programs to make configuration changes. It's no wonder people miss them!

Still not as annoying as the increasing trend in Windows of context
sensitive menus (I think that's the term), where options simple don't
appear unless you have the right section of the main program active. I
spent ages looking for a menu item that was reference in the help of one
application I was using (can't remember which off hand), and only
stumbled across it by chance when a different sub-window was active -
before that it just wasn't there.

The more 'advances' Microsoft make in making Windows 'easier to use' the
more difficult I find it to get any work done. Thank goodness for Linux!
Let's hope open source software developers don't fall into the trap of
thinking Windows way is the best way to do it - I'm tempted to make a
comment about KDE here, but I've not used it in so many years now my
experience is probably way out of date ;)

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