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> 2007/9/12, Gunawan <jgun98.milis at gmail.com>:
>> Since I am new to Linux, you suggest that I must install the package 
>> using
>> tools
>> such as Synaptic rather than install manually. And it also create a menu
>> item on login
>> screen so I can choose xfce session?
> Hai, Gun. Where do you stay? If you stay near me (kemang, jakarta
> selatan) you can ask me what application  do you wan to to install at
> your computer. After that i will install that application on my
> computer through synaptic or apt-get with my internet connection of
> course. When my computer install program, installer file is downloaded
> in cache folder and i will use it to create local repo which will send
> to you. With do litle setings you can install program i install with
> synaptic/apt-get.
> -- 
> Wasalam,
> Durahman
> =====================
> http://www.linux.or.id/blog/6977

Many thank Bpk. Durahman
But, I would like to learn to do many thing therefore I have to make sure
is this the program I need to install or maybe something else. And I also
want could help people who want to move from Windows to Ubuntu.
I found that people on this community very helpfull. Again many thanks.
In the meantime I will try all your suggestion regarding my question first.

Thank you Bpk Durahman, Mr. Mario, Mr. Chris and all of you.


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