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> Hi Gunawan,
> I've been thinking about your problem, and considering your difficult
> situation (no internet access at the computer you install on, little
> experience with GNU/Linux generally), would it not be easier if you just
> downloaded the installer CD for Xubuntu at the same place where you got
> Ubuntu from? Then you could just run the Live CD, and see if you like
> Xubuntu. If not, you can return to Ubuntu, if yes, you can install. You
> can get Xubuntu here: http://www.xubuntu.org/get
> Cheers,
> M

Thank you Mario for your concern.
One of my objective here is to gain more experience :).
Since some books talking apt-get update, apt-get upgrade.
I though about how to install software from another source.
Especially when we don't have internet connection.
I don't have internet connection at home.

Maman Durahman talk about Ubuntu Repository DVD
and I think it could be a good solution since they pack apps and
dependencies files on up to 4 DVDs.

I would like to confirm.
1. These days we have 3 widely known desktop manager for Linux/Ubuntu
    GNOME, KDE and Xfce. And I believe Xfce is the lite one. Maybe there is
    another desktop manager beside those threes.
2. If I install one application under gnome, such as Abiword. Is it will 
visible under
    other Desktop Manager, KDE or Xfce?
3. Installing shell application, I mean such as midnight commander should 
not difficult
    as GUI Application?

I also have download ubuntu alternate cd and try to install it on 128 MB and 
I haven't try kubuntu or xubuntu.

Maybe you want to ask why it is important to me. I use windows since 3.1, 
3.11, NT 4.0,
Install 95, 98, 98SE, 2000, ME and XP. All I want is not just a user but I 
also can do
troubleshooting, tuning and data recovery when it crash.

Since I have try ubuntu (less than one month) I have many question that I 
need to know
the answer. I am very happy found that many people like you and Durahman 
want to
spend your time to help me.

I have many thing on my check list to find out. Hopefully you will not bore 
with that :).

Another thing is, of course installing from xubuntu cd will be the easiest 
way to installing xfce.
but I am sure that it is not the only way.

I am very sorry. I have many thing in my head that I want to share and ask 
but I think I already
to much write :)
Thanks again.


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