Evolution or Thunderbird

Steve Lamb grey at dmiyu.org
Wed Sep 12 19:42:25 UTC 2007

Michael R. Head wrote:
> When I drag messages from the message list to another folder in the
> folder tree view, it always moves, even if I am dragging across
> accounts.

     Tried several times here with the latest Windows build of Evolution and 
it copied every time.  At one time I have 5 copies of spam in my spam folder 
that I had "moved" from other folders.

> Does TBird still require users to subscribe to every folder on the IMAP
> server that they want to see? 

     Er, isn't that the point of subscriptions?  Subscribe to the folders you 
want to see, don't subscribe to the folders you do not.

> Does it have persistent search folders?

     Dunno, never saw a need for those so I don't even know what they would 
look like.

> Also, does it have a "automatically check for new mail in all folders"
> option yet?

     Mine checks for mail in all the folders I specify to check for new mail. 
  Again, that's kind of the point.  Why would I want to check for new mail in 
folders that would never see new mail?  Seems counter-productive to waste time 
checking folders you know won't get new mail.

> I've tried to switch to TBird a few times because I'd prefer a cross
> platform email app, but it simply doesn't show me all my emails or let
> me have virtual folders that cross cut other folders.

     I would wager that is a configuration problem in the case of not seeing 
mail.  As for the latter *shrug* though this looks promising:

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