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> On Wed, 2007-09-12 at 07:45 +0100, Simon Royal wrote:
> > Now the LILO menu allows Linux or Mac OSX.
> > 
> > How can I add my OS9 and Panther to the boot menu and how do I get it
> > to go 
> > into Mac OSX by default rather than Linux? 
> Don't know anything about those OS. But, concerning lilo, unlike GRUB,
> it cannot install images from unmounted partitions. First you have to
> mount those partitions where the boot images are. And then give the full
> path of the image, the absolute path, with respect to the '/' of the OS
> from which one is installing the lilo. And then the usual 'lilo -v'. You
> have to write the lilo.conf with the necessary 'boot' and 'root' things
> beforehand. 
> I used lilo for a long time, and with more than one linux OS, and this
> method did work. But, why don't you switch over to GRUB, it is really
> better and simpler. 
If this is a PPC Mac, you can't use either grub or lilo.

The boot-loader is yaboot. Its config syntax is similar to lilo - it lives
in /etc/yaboot.conf .

After editing that file, you need to run /usr/sbin/ybin (similar to
running lilo after a config change).

Make sure you back that file up, and have a live CD handy in case you need
to fix it after playing with it :)

I haven't tried more than dual boot on my iBook, but I assume it's

My Mac now runs only Ubuntu 7.04 :) 

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