Multiple Boots Gone

das দাশ at
Wed Sep 12 07:45:26 UTC 2007

On Wed, 2007-09-12 at 07:45 +0100, Simon Royal wrote:
> Now the LILO menu allows Linux or Mac OSX.
> How can I add my OS9 and Panther to the boot menu and how do I get it
> to go 
> into Mac OSX by default rather than Linux? 

Don't know anything about those OS. But, concerning lilo, unlike GRUB,
it cannot install images from unmounted partitions. First you have to
mount those partitions where the boot images are. And then give the full
path of the image, the absolute path, with respect to the '/' of the OS
from which one is installing the lilo. And then the usual 'lilo -v'. You
have to write the lilo.conf with the necessary 'boot' and 'root' things

I used lilo for a long time, and with more than one linux OS, and this
method did work. But, why don't you switch over to GRUB, it is really
better and simpler. 

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