maman durahman durahman at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 07:15:33 UTC 2007

2007/9/12, Gunawan <jgun98.milis at gmail.com>:
> Hi Mario,
> Thank you for your reply.
> Since I am new to Linux, you suggest that I must install the package using
> tools
> such as Synaptic rather than install manually. And it also create a menu
> item on login
> screen so I can choose xfce session?

What ever application you want to add, do it throught
apt-get/synaptic. It's a must. Why? Because it's realy easy. As easy
as we install program in microsoft windows. And as i mention before
you must have internet connection to do so except you have local
repository/dvd repository.

And when you succesfully install xfce (beside gnome/kde which is
default). At login screen you can choose what xwindows to use.


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