How to reboot from start scripts?

Josef Wolf jw at
Wed Sep 12 05:48:13 UTC 2007


I noticed that shutdown from scripts in /etc/rcS.d don't really work.

For example, when fsck for some filesystems fails at startup, you
are thrown into a shell to fix the problem.  From that shell, you
have no chance to make a proper reboot.  I have tried:

  - shutdown -r now
  - init 6
  - reboot
  - halt

It don't really make a difference how I try to reboot.  I alwas get
thrown out and the boot process continues.  Finally I get the login
prompt.  But I did _not_ want to continue the boot.  I said I want
to _shutdown_.  Why is this ignored?

Any ideas what I am missing here?  How do I properly reboot from
a script in /etc/rcS.d?

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