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Sun Sep 9 20:47:44 UTC 2007

If all four are primary partitions then you've hit the limit set in your 
hard disk's MBR.  Any individual hard disk only has enough space in it's 
partition table (stored in the MBR) for four entries. Each primary 
partition takes up one entry. An extended partition also takes up one 
entry, but may be further sub-divided into logical drive (but this 
information is stored within the extended partition itself).

The above limit exists regardless of operating system, therefore this is 
not an ubuntu issue per say.  The easiest solution would be to free up 
(i.e use/overwrite) one of your four partitions.  Provided you don't 
choose your XP partition, XP should be fine.


miner wrote:
> My system is Windows XP with 4 partitions...25 GB for drive C which 
> contains all my programs and the rest divided evenly.
> When installing Ubuntu 7.04 from a live CD I run into a block when I 
> get a warning "No root file system defined. Please correct from 
> partition menu"
> I get this warning regardless whether I use the automatic or manual 
> install. I would prefer the manual method as I could direct the 
> install into the partition I want. Under automatic install the 
> installer chooses one of my larger partitions which would be fine 
> provided I do not wipe out Drive C which contains Windows.
> How do I overcome this block. There were several options in the drop 
> down menu but none of them solved the problem. How and where do I 
> define the files system.
> Any help will be appreciated. 

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