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miner joh_hunter at
Sun Sep 9 19:59:23 UTC 2007

My system is Windows XP with 4 partitions...25 GB for drive C which contains all my programs and the rest divided evenly.

When installing Ubuntu 7.04 from a live CD I run into a block when I get a warning "No root file system defined. Please correct from partition menu"

I get this warning regardless whether I use the automatic or manual install. I would prefer the manual method as I could direct the install into the partition I want. Under automatic install the installer chooses one of my larger partitions which would be fine provided I do not wipe out Drive C which contains Windows.

How do I overcome this block. There were several options in the drop down menu but none of them solved the problem. How and where do I define the files system.

Any help will be appreciated. 
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