Sound for countdown timer

alex aradsky at
Fri Sep 7 22:01:44 UTC 2007

alex wrote:
> I'm trying to get sound working for a general purpose countdown timer
> that can be set for hours, minutes, and seconds.  It offers a variety of
> sounds that you can choose from to indicate the end of countdown.  The
> counter works in Windows or Linux.  I want to use it in UBUNTU.
> The counter works _online_ and you can access it directly online without
> downloading at:
> In my case, the timer can be set and works counts down fine but that I don't have
> any sound  neither the test nor end of countdown, so I need help in setting up the sound.
> Help, please......
> alex
I've tried other countdown timers in UBUNTU and none of them have the
ease of use that this one
has.  You can't know this unless you actually try it.   If you do, you
may get sound because  your UBUNTU may have something that mine lacks.


I have this timer in Windows XP and sound is perfect but I prefer to
operate in UBUNTU.

I'm not sure whether the sound is provided on line along with the
coundown and my computer lacks the software to get it or if the sound
comes from some where in the UNUNTU installation.


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