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Fri Sep 7 23:43:56 UTC 2007

On Fri, 07 Sep 2007 18:01:44 -0400
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> alex wrote:
> > I'm trying to get sound working for a general purpose countdown timer
> > that can be set for hours, minutes, and seconds.  It offers a variety of
> > sounds that you can choose from to indicate the end of countdown.  The
> > counter works in Windows or Linux.  I want to use it in UBUNTU.
> >
> >
> > The counter works _online_ and you can access it directly online without
> > downloading at:
> >
> >    
> >        
> >
> > In my case, the timer can be set and works counts down fine but that I don't have
> > any sound  neither the test nor end of countdown, so I need help in setting up the sound.
> >
> > Help, please......
> > alex
> >
> >
> >   
> I've tried other countdown timers in UBUNTU and none of them have the
> ease of use that this one
> has.  You can't know this unless you actually try it.   If you do, you
> may get sound because  your UBUNTU may have something that mine lacks.
> I have this timer in Windows XP and sound is perfect but I prefer to
> operate in UBUNTU.
> I'm not sure whether the sound is provided on line along with the
> coundown and my computer lacks the software to get it or if the sound
> comes from some where in the UNUNTU installation.
> alex

I get sound on that site - not sure what you are missing.

for what it's worth, have a look at:

Disclaimer: I wrote it :)  ( shameless plug for my little timer! )

It does a countdown, and beeps when completed. You can also run simple
commands at the end of the countdown. For example, in the delayed command
field type

audacious /home/alex/music/yoursong.ogg

( or xmms or whatever )

It handles hours minutes and seconds, and gives a graphical countdown
showing time left. It is point-and-click, but requires Xdialog to run.
You can easily install xdialog, though. It has an optional colours file
that is basically dark - because default gtk 1.2 looks pretty horrible. It
will use gtk 1.2 themes though. ( not gtk-2).

I use it to remind me that I have food in the oven and it's time to get it
before it burns to a crisp :)

Just a suggestion - it's a bash script that uses xdialog for the GUI.


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