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Thu Sep 6 02:49:04 UTC 2007

On Thursday 06 September 2007 09:36:04 Brian Fahrlander wrote:
>   That's the only kind available, the last I looked- no debs or RPMs or
> anything. And everything seems in Russian (or similar) now...
>   Did you ever serve time with SCO Unix/Xenix? Because their kernel
> tables were all 'hard' (and a re-link is needed to expand things if you
> run out...) another neat program called umon386 was helpful in learning
> these values so you could write'em down and make your guesstimates as to
> how big things must be to avoid another busy-day-showdown.
>   Funny; in all of the 'stolen code' from SCO, Linux doesn't do that.  :>
> (Couldn't help it...I started there, back around 1989, it's never really
> gotten much better I'm afraid...)

No, I started my Linux journey on Redhat 7.3. So, I guess I miss one of 
important stages in the 'good old days' of computing.

The Russian (USSR back then, around 1989) embassy in my country used to offer 
FREE Russian language course. I called them and I almost took it because I 
thought Russian language was very exotic, but my father forbid me for who 
knows the reason.
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