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Fajar Priyanto wrote:
> On Thursday 06 September 2007 04:58:53 Brian Fahrlander wrote:
>>    Oh, yeah...and that reminds me of Trafshow. A nice, 'what's going on'
>> kinda real-time reader. (Not suitable for large volumes, but helpful on
>> the small end.)
>>    Trafshow used to be a part of most distros, but for some reason the
>> Russians seems to be maintaining it, now.  Did I miss a legal battle or
>> something?  That was some nice software- shame it's not in a repo (and
>> English!)
> Yes I remember it too a long time ago. Very nice.
> What happened? You mean there's no tgz version available at all?

  That's the only kind available, the last I looked- no debs or RPMs or
anything. And everything seems in Russian (or similar) now...

  Did you ever serve time with SCO Unix/Xenix? Because their kernel
tables were all 'hard' (and a re-link is needed to expand things if you
run out...) another neat program called umon386 was helpful in learning
these values so you could write'em down and make your guesstimates as to
how big things must be to avoid another busy-day-showdown.

  Funny; in all of the 'stolen code' from SCO, Linux doesn't do that.  :>

(Couldn't help it...I started there, back around 1989, it's never really
gotten much better I'm afraid...)

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