Feisty live CD killed HD - explanation

Brian Fahrlander brian at fahrlander.net
Thu Sep 6 01:43:22 UTC 2007

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Fajar Priyanto wrote:
>> Thanks everyone. If the aforementioned ungrateful dimwit still
>> insists the CD caused  HD breakdown there is little hope for the
>> survival of his sole remaining neuron.
> Sorry to hear that.
> Maybe you can make him believe by demonstrating the live cd on your notebook 
> that i will never destroy the hdd (unless he clicks on "Install to hdd" link 
> on the desktop).
  Don't feel bad; the one and only time I ever went to small claims
court was for such folks. I put a 10m hard drive in an old IBM PC. It
was for a friend- I didn't stand to make a penny on the deal, the
friend, going through a painful divorce really needed the cash.

  It went to a couple of old women, one of which we later named 'Jabba',
and we're STILL shaking our heads as to her love of a 15 year old
shake-n-piss dog (unknown species). While I'm showing her how to remove
files/write documents/etc, she's showing me how her dog could say "I
rovv ooh".

   She gets the machine home for the first night and her 'techno' friend
comes over and they delete each and every file on the hard drive. They
file, claiming my incompetence, and asking over $1000 or somesuch.  The
judge asked, "Are you willing to set it up again?"  I said, "Yes" and I

   The reason I didn't have to pay for this helping-a-friend was that I
brought a book from Peter Norton showing what deleted files looked like
on the inodes, and how her machine had exactly that gone on.

    They 'made space' on their drive and nothing worked. So, of course
it was my fault? Some customers, even friends just don't want the
embarrassment of shooting themselves in the foot, I suppose.

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