Cannot connect to ultravnc server

NoOp glgxg at
Tue Sep 4 21:41:41 UTC 2007

On 09/04/2007 11:45 AM, Pete Holsberg wrote:
> NoOp pounded out the following on his or her keyboard on 9/3/2007 8:09 PM:
and unfortunately Pete answered as a sig... so it's copy & paste time :-)

> >  On 09/01/2007 09:28 AM, Pete Holsberg wrote:
>> > > I have UltraVnc running (under WINE) on a Xubuntu 7.04 box but when
>> > > I try to connect to it, I get a popup box that shows a status of
>> > > "Negotiate Protocol Version...".
>> > >
>> > > It also shows the VNC Server IP address, the port (5900), a speed
>> > > of 123 kbps and 0 traffic.
>> > >
>> > > What have I configured incorrectly?
>> > >
> >
> >
> >  I've not been able to get it to connect when running the server under
> >  WINE. Even resetting the port to 5901 or some other port number and
> >  stopping other vnc services such as vino etc. If I set to prompt to
> >  ask I can tell that the connection is being made (the prompt will
> >  come up on the server machine), but after that it simply closes.

> With no port number, the linux machine asks for a password. As soon  as 
> I enter it, it quits.

Does the same when I try it. For some reason it is killing the client

> >  I use the UltraVNC client and krdc when connecting to UltraVNC
> >  windows machines and it works great. However, coming the other way
> >  from another linux machine to linux machine I just use krdc (even
> >  though I use gnome - it's a *much* better client than Gnome-RDP).
> >  Krdc also works much better when vnc'ing into a windows box that is
> >  running UltraVNC -- the only thing that you can't do with krdc is
> >  file transfer and chat.
> File transfer is vital for me.

Ah, that's the purpose.

> >  Any particular reason that you are trying to run the UltraVNC
> >  _server_ on your linux box?

> So I can log into it from my Windows machine.

You don't need to run UltraVNC on the Ubuntu machine to vnc to it. The
UltraVNC client on the windows machine will connect just fine if you use
the standard System|Preferences|Remote Desktop. However, client chat and
file transfer won't work.
Note: if you UltraVNC via WINE from the linux machine to the windows
machine chat and FT does work. So I see what you mean & would like to
see it work the other way as well. If I figure anything out I'll let you
You might also try the UltraVNC forums:

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