Odd DNS problem

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Tue Sep 4 18:09:12 UTC 2007

Rashkae wrote:

> Ed Smits wrote:
>> Just moved to Europe from Canada, got broadband access last night,
>> fired up my laptop. I normally run Feisty but have an XP emergency
>> dualboot option. Connects to the Internet just fine, however I am
>> getting more than the usual number of server not found errors in
>> Firefox. Not a big deal until I wanted to download the latest VMWare
>> install file, and I can't get to anything at VMWare, server not found.
>> I'm physically connected to the modem, set for roaming, so have no
>> entries in hosts etc that shouldn't be there. The router is running
>> DHCP and DNS, and for the most part I can get to most of the sites I
>> need. I assumed the problem was with my ISP's DNS setup, however as a
>> test I booted into XP, I can get to VMWare using IE6 with no problem,
>> so it seems to be correctly resolving itself. I downloaded the package
>> and installed VMWare in Ubuntu and set up XP as a client, opened that
>> up and same thing, I can get to VMWare via the bridged network
>> connection from Ubuntu but not from Ubuntu itself.
>> As a test, I just installed IE6 for Linux, same thing, can't get to
>> VMWare. I tried to access it from the link on the Wikipedia entry,
>> server not found, so it's more than just a browser issue.
>> Any ideas?
> What's in your /etc/resolv.conf file?
> Also, since Windows seems to be working, what does Windows think it's
> DNS server is?  This should be the same as nameserver in the resolv.conf
> file.. (This value should be set automatically by the DHCP client.  But
> to start, I would verify that this is working.)
> Are you able to resolve any domain names at all?

I'm guessing it's an IPV6 problem - that your old ISP had IPv6 routing, and
your new one doesn't.

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