Ekiga and Evolution-data-server (!)

NoOp glgxg at sbcglobal.net
Tue Sep 4 00:17:26 UTC 2007

On 09/01/2007 07:03 PM, Brian Fahrlander wrote:
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> Michael R. Head wrote:
>> On Sun, 2007-09-02 at 02:51 +0930, Rapael Morcha wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> It just kills me to think that Ekiga depends on Evolution's address
>>> book. What a PITA! Seriously!
>> Just curious, but in what way is it painful?
>     (Just chiming in) It's a pain to *have* to have it, even if you
> don't use it.  Try sometime, removing all the evolution stuff, see how
> quick it takes to be pulling out "ubuntu-desktop", too.  Everything else
> (though I haven't tried Gnome versus KDE since coming to Ubuntu) is one
> way or the other...you can yank vi OR Emacs....or have them both.

Why not just remove the ubuntu-desktop anyway? That's the primary bloat,
and interferes with installing just about anything useable (OpenOffice,
etc). When you get ready to update to the next distro (Gutsy etc) just
reinstall it (ubuntu-desktop) if you think that the distro upgrade will
have problems. Basically I've found that as long as ubuntu-minimal &
ubuntu-standard are installed the upgrades from Dapper to Edgy to Feisty
went just fine.

I'm sure that someone will come along and tell you/me that removing
ubuntu-desktop will have disastrous effects on your system (and they may
well be right). But one of the first things that I do when installing a
new system is: sudo apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop.

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