**Problems with Ubuntu Network Installation

Waleed Harbi waleed.harbi at gmail.com
Mon Sep 3 13:07:33 UTC 2007

Hi Pahari,

What is the error message?
Could you please copy it?

On 9/3/07, Subhamoy Pahari <boss.pahari at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to install ubuntu(7or higher) over network without using
> official ubuntu mirror rather i want to install it from my mounted iso
> image(install cd) using PXE net booting from my local server.I got success
> to do it in ubuntu 5.1 disros which is having netbbot option under its
> install directory but it is missing in higher versions(7 or higher) for that
> i downloaded netboot.tar.gz file and it is helping me to boot over the
> network.But when i am manually giving my repository path during
> installation it is giving errors and stop the installation process.errorwas something like bad repo addr or addr not valid,release file missing.
> But the same process was working fine with ubuntu 5.1 distro.
> I am using dhcp3 server,tftp-hpa for tftp and apache2 for http access.
> So,if anybody knows how to do that one plz help me.
> Thanks & regards.
> S.Pahari
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