**Problems with Ubuntu Network Installation

Subhamoy Pahari boss.pahari at gmail.com
Mon Sep 3 10:11:45 UTC 2007

I am trying to install ubuntu(7or higher) over network without using
official ubuntu mirror rather i want to install it from my mounted iso
image(install cd) using PXE net booting from my local server.I got success
to do it in ubuntu 5.1 disros which is having netbbot option under its
install directory but it is missing in higher versions(7 or higher) for that
i downloaded netboot.tar.gz file and it is helping me to boot over the
network.But when i am manually giving my repository path during installation
it is giving errors and stop the installation process.error was something
like bad repo addr or addr not valid,release file missing.
But the same process was working fine with ubuntu 5.1 distro.
I am using dhcp3 server,tftp-hpa for tftp and apache2 for http access.
So,if anybody knows how to do that one plz help me.
Thanks & regards.
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