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For about a year one of my boxes was set up as a dual boot with Ubuntu 6.10 and Win2K.? About a week ago the power supply died and it took the motherboard with it.? After replacing the motherboard and power supply I had Win2K booting, but I had warnings about drivers being missing.? I started adding drivers and in typical M$ fashion the box now gives me a blue screen of death with a statement that I don't yet have all my drivers installed.? Blue screen means I can't install drivers so I am stuck.

I had all my really important files backed up, but there are files on the drive I would like to recover.? Other than recovering these files I would love to wipe the drive clean and set it up with Ubuntu 7.x and a clean install of Win2K.? Can I move the drive to another Ubuntu box and mount the NTFS and EXT3 partitions?? It sounds possible, but I hate to try it without knowing that it will work and getting some advice on how to do it.? I don't want to boot from this drive, just recover files from it.? I believe the drive is still good since the Ubuntu boots (no GUI yet due to new motherboard and different video chips) and the Win2K booted several times.

Will this work?? Any advice?? What would be common mistakes when doing this and how can I avoid them?


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