logging into network manager

David Vincent dvincent at sleepdeprived.ca
Wed Nov 28 23:41:53 UTC 2007

Tim M wrote:
> After I hibernate 7.10 I have to log in twice. The second login is for
> network manager. Is there a way to keep from having to log in network
> manager? (I am using a wireless network card) I have to be careful not
> to try to check mail, and hope it isn't checked automatically from one
> of my online email programs. If Firefox tries to connect before I
> logon it will stop trying to connect and the only way I have found to
> get it connected again is to restart the computer.

hit alt-f2.  type in gconf-editor and press enter.  navigate to 
/apps/gnome-power-manager/lock.  untick whatever options you want to 
ensure that when you hibernate/suspend/blank your screen etc. the 
keyring manager won't lock itself.



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