Upgrade to 7.10 halts bootup

John Carlyle-Clarke jpcc at bigfoot.com
Tue Nov 27 09:24:32 UTC 2007

Ken McLennan wrote:
>     Now it begins to boot but hangs at the line "drivers 
> /usb/input/hid-core.c: v2.6: USB HID core driver". After about 10 
> minutes it drops to a shell in the initial ramfs and displays:
>     check root = bootarg cat /proc/cmdline
>     or missing modules, devices: cat /proc/modules ls /dev
>     ALERT. /dev/sda7 does not exist. Dropping to shell!!
>     I assume that the latter indicates the boot process has stopped 
> before mounting the Ubuntu / partition.
That was the same symptom on mine when the root partition cannot be 
mounted for some reason.
>     Google has given me suggestions to try variants of "no-apci", 
> "acpi=off", "noapic", and "nolapic". None of these alone, nor any 
> combination has worked. Neither did all of them together (which didn't 
> really surprise me). I'm now stumped and asking for any ideas you may 
> have overcome the hassle.
>     I'm not sure what filesystem I've used for '/boot' but it's either 
> reiserfs like '/' is, or ext3. In either case, it shouldn't cause any 
> problems.
I had some luck on a broken Gutsy upgrade by adding "ide1=noprobe 
ide2=noprobe" to the kernel line.  However, with a clean install I had 
no such problems.  This makes me think that I may have been victim of a 
problem with the initramfs after the upgrade.  I suspect you may have 
the same problem.  I suggest you refine your google with this in mind to 
get the solution as I don't remember it off the top of my head!

Good luck,


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