Intel 950 and 1680x1050 resolution

Dana J. Laude kc9aae1 at
Tue Nov 27 04:40:07 UTC 2007

Jesus Roncero wrote:
> On Sun, 25 Nov 2007 22:18:42 -0600
> "Dana J. Laude" <kc9aae1 at> wrote:
>>> I've been googling for a while but results seem contradictory. Some
>>> people seem to have it working[1] an other don't. So, is there
>>> anyone here knows about this graphics card supporting such
>>> resolution? I am worried because on windows the driver supports
>>> 1280x1024, 1400x900 and 1600x1200, but not 1680x1050, and don't
>>> know if this is because the card doesn't support it, or the driver
>>> or that it detects that my monitor doesn't supports it (which
>>> doesn't as it is an old CRT model).
>>> Any help/hints/suggestions on this would be appreciated.
>> Try this link -
>> It shows that
>> the 950 chip set will go up to 2048x1536.
>> Looking at the specs on your system at newegg, the 945GC is the 
>> North Bridge chipset. 
> Well, yes, but I was more interested in hearing some success stories,
> especially regarding the linux drivers before making any move (eg,
> buying a TFT screen that I won't be able to use full resolution
> afterwards).
> Thanks anyway :)

Last year I bought a new LCD that did 1400x900 and my old vc didn't 
support that, so I went and bought a new vc also. (FX5500 Nvidia)

How about it folks, anyone with a Intel 950 Graphics chipset that 
can run 1680x1050???

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