Running 32bit applications on a 64bit system

Chris Jones jonesc at
Mon Nov 26 19:48:40 UTC 2007


> When I originally chose the 64bit version, it was based on my
> assumption that, since my hardware was 64bit, my OS should be too. I
> did notice the sluggish performance you mentioned and I attributed it
> to my systems shortcomings (1.8Ghz w/1GB RAM). Now, I'm seeing it
> might also have to do with the version of the OS I chose.
> Thanks again. I'm going to download the 32bit version now.

I must confess I am more familiar with Redhat based systems, using 
Fedora on my latop until recently (now Gutsy ;)) and Scientific Linux at 
work, but this is something I've been wondering about myself. How well 
does ubuntu/debian support what in the Redhat word is often referred to 
as mutlilib'ing, i.e. having the 32 and 64 bit versions of libraries 
installed side by side ?

On our 64 bit machines at work, it is trivial to install side by side 
the 32 bit RPMS as well. Then any application built on a 32 bit system 
runs just fine on the 64 bit machines as well (+ we can experiment with 
64bit builds at the same time).

I think this is exactly what the OP needs to run whatever 32 bit 
applications he needs (lahtough it would help if he stated what these 
apps are, and what errors he gets when trying to run ?)

I'm getting the impression ubuntu/debian doesn't support this sort of 
thing anywhere as near as well ?


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