why an SQL Database?

Joris Dobbelsteen Joris at familiedobbelsteen.nl
Mon Nov 26 00:40:44 UTC 2007

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>Note to the other poster who pointed out IMAP slowness: the 
>fact that IMAP is a client-server protocol doesn't mean that 
>the server (and the actual mailboxes) MUST be on a remote 
>computer. Nobody prevents you from running an IMAP server locally.

In fact, many e-mail readers also support caching of the IMAP data and
synchronize this nicely when you connect. A very popular e-mail reader
that does this is Thunderbird. I guess it works for most popular
mailreaders too.
The disadvantage is that you might have to press a few extra buttons to
enable this functionality and it takes a bit of disk space. It provides
faster access to e-mail messages as well as allow you to view your
e-mail without an Internet connection. A must-have for mobile users,
isn't it...

Obviously you are still bound to your Internet service provider's limit
for the amount of e-mail you can store. (Personally I run my own mail
server and domain, so for me the problem is limited to the disk space I
have available).


Hopefully this helps also...

- Joris

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