Laptop sleep gone bad in Gutsy

Avi Schwartz ubuntu-users874 at
Sun Nov 25 21:05:37 UTC 2007

Han Pilmeyer wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-11-20 at 23:45 -0600, Avi Schwartz wrote:
>> Keyboard induced sleep did not solve my problem.
>> Do you happen to use the "new" desktop effects?  I cannot prove it yet, 
>> but it seems that once I turned the effects off, the laptop wakes up 
>> from sleep as it should.  I will give it few more days to see if this is 
>> indeed the problem before I file a bug report.  If it is, then it maybe 
>> a problem with X Windows or the nvidia driver.
> I have the same thing on a HP nc6220. I'm not using the visual 
> effects. I'm pretty sure it is related to my switch from the i810 
> graphics driver to the intel graphics driver (which I did shortly 
> after moving to Gutsy). I will switch back later today and see if that 
> helps.
Turning off the desktop effects did solve the restart problem.  There is 
still an issue with reconnecting to the wireless network after waking 
up.  Sometimes the network manager manages to reconnect but sometimes it 
does not.  When it does not I can see the wireless light flashing 
rapidly as if it is trying to reconnect but then it gives up.  Sometimes 
going through a sleep/wakeup cycle a second time solves the issue but in 
some cases it does not and the only way to reconnect to the wireless 
network is reboot the notebook.  Very frustrating.


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