Internet access via Palm

Richard Mancusi vrman49 at
Sun Nov 25 01:54:43 UTC 2007

> Hi all!
> I want to access internet in my Palm using my notebook's internet
> connection.
> My Palm is being recognized in usb:. I can sync perfectly with JPilot.
> I think I should enable a pppd daemon but don't know to do this and get
> it working.
> Can somebody help me?
> Thanks in advance.
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I didn't know the answer to your question so I forwarded your
email to someone I thought would.  His reply follows:

I hadn't done this in years.  I just tried it and it works.

He doesn't say what Palm he has.  The Treo's network connection is a
little different.

On the Palm in Prefs->Network create a new service and call it Unix.
The connection should be cradle/cable.  The user name is the name of a
login on the PC.  The password is the password.  Under advanced the
script should be blank.

On the Palm try to connect in Prefs->Network to get /dev/ttyUSB1
created.  Then on the PC do:

On the PC I had to do a "modprobe visor" since Ubuntu uses libusb now.
Type "pppd /dev/ttyUSB1 19200 {your machine name, or IP}:{An IP to
assign to the Palm} local persist passive silent proxyarp noauth

i.e. pppd /dev/ttyUSB1 19200 local persist
passive silent proxyarp noauth


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