niggling faults

Gavin Katts gav at
Sat Nov 24 10:48:54 UTC 2007

Good day everybody

I am a linux newbie. I have been using ubuntu feisty fawn since it was
released. I have several niggling little faults that I need iron out.

I have installed ubuntu on my laptop as a dual boot system with THAT
OTHER OPERATING SYSTEM. There is only one app that I have to use in
windows that prevents me from making a complete switch. Unfortunately it
is not available for Linux. I can run it through wine, but in demo mode
only. It is a cad package called Genes1s. The problem comes when I have
to install the USB dongle. It involves over-writing two dll`s. This does
not seem to want to work, or I am not doing it correctly. I need help
copying files the two files into the Genes1s directory. I have tried it
with the wine program manager but it does not work or I am doing
something wrong.

Please help

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