wireless connection

norman norman at littletank.org
Sat Nov 24 19:38:50 UTC 2007

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> When you see the Grub boot menu (it might only stay up for a few
> seconds), press the 'e' key (for edit).  
> Then you will see the lists of commands that are about to be
> executed. 
> I believe you end up on the first line, but if not, press the arrow
> key to go there.
> Press the 'e' key again, to edit the first line.  
> Go to the end of the line and add the text "pci=nopci" and hit Enter. 
> Press the 'b' key to boot.

I followed your instructions as follows:- I pressed 'e' and 4 lines
appeared, root, kernel, initrd and quiet. Selected the line starting
kernel pressed 'e' and added pci=noacpi to the end of the line. Pressed
enter and 'b'. After booting I checked the wireless connection which
still did not work. So, as precaution, I decided to remove the entry I
had made to the kernel line but, when I pressed 'e' and the line
appeared the entry I had made was not there. I wonder what I did wrong.

To check that the expression I wanted to add was there I added it
pressed enter followed by 'e' and it was there.


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