Gutsy is unusable for many, but an official statement is missing

Derek Broughton news at
Fri Nov 23 22:24:14 UTC 2007

Ed Arnold wrote:

> Tim Fuchs wrote:
>>I also reported a bugs earlier this month but I got no response (apart
>>from other people who also have problems, but no solution):
> I have been having similar problems.  I would welcome a comment from
> any developer as to whether I should file a bug report, 

No, if you really have "similar" problems.  I've read the bug report and
(some - I admit not all) of the posts Tim referred to, and there really
isn't enough information imo for anybody to know that they have the _same_
bug, but if you're sure you do, you should just add to Tim's.

> as I've been reluctant to do that too early.  

It's never too early to submit a comprehensive bug report :-)  But you
really need to be able to submit _some_ evidence of what's causing the
freeze.  Developers can't do anything if it never happens to them, and they
have no idea what to do to make it happen.

> When the system hangs (sometimes 
> minutes, or sometimes hours) after a fresh boot, there doesn't appear
> to be anything I can do from the keyboard.  I can still move the mouse
> and see the cursor arrow move, but there is no response to
> CTL+ALT+DEL.  (I'm assuming this means there would also be no response
> to CTL+ALT+F1, but I'll be trying that next time.)

See, that doesn't strike me as a hard freeze.  If you can still move the
mouse, ime it means that _something_ is hogging the cpu and _eventually_
you can get something to act (now, that doesn't mean you can get it to act
_today_!  I haven't had this happen for months, but sometimes you can get a
keystroke in once per hour...).

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