Firefox buttons

Mark Kelly ubuntu at
Fri Nov 23 00:51:10 UTC 2007


On Wednesday 21 November 2007 20:43, Behrang Saeedzadeh wrote:
> My problem is with the HTML widgets. No shades, no reflections, no hover
> effects, just a solid 80ish set of widgets.

I might be able to help here. I don't know of any way to plug GTK into 
forms, but I do know that the look of html form elements in Firefox is 
actually controlled by CSS, and as such is easily edited to create a look 
you are happy with.

You can find a downloadable package here

with alternate designs that you can use, or use as a reference to build 
your own. I use it here and find the appearance of forms much improved, 
and of course you could always edit the CSS to replicate the gnome look 
you asked for.


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