Palm Zire72 on Ubuntu 7.10

Lisandro Weissheimer lisandroweissheimer at
Thu Nov 22 16:40:07 UTC 2007

Hi Caleb,

I don't like Evolution, but followed your tips. The hotsync is now
working fine.

I'd like to use kpilot or jpilot, the best will be if I can sync my pda
with Thunderbird. This would be perfect, as I use Thnderbird as my
default mail client and sync my google calendars locally on thunderird
using two extensions.

So, with jpilot and kpilot nothing is working. I think it should be
because this software are trying to find the pda on serial, not usb.

If anyone have another workaround...

Thanks all!
Lisandro Weissheimer
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Caleb Marcus wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-11-21 at 23:48 -0200, Lisandro Weissheimer wrote:
>> Hi all!
>> It's the first time I try to sync my Palm with Ubuntu 7.10.
>> It seems that the Palm is not being recognized. I try Kilot and Jpilot.
>> Does anybody knows a way that I can get Hotsync working?
> Try using Evolution, and going to Edit>Synchronization options... it
> should be pretty simple. Actually, it's easier to set up network devices
> like my Palm TX, but it allows you to use USB. Here are my instructions.
> My Zire 72 isn't charged up, so I can't test them, but they should work:
>    1. Open Evolution and go to Edit>Synchronization Options
>    2. Go to the Devices tab and click Add
>    3. Give it a name, and check off USB. Make sure to change /dev/pilot
>       to usb: using the dropdown list. Leave everything else as default,
>       and click OK.
>    4. Now go to the PDAs tab and click Add. Change the Name and the
>       Local Folder if you wish (put a . before the folder name to make
>       it hidden), but don't touch the Owner and the PDA ID unless you
>       want to overwrite the data that's already on the PDA. Then plug in
>       the PDA and hit Get from PDA.
>    5. Once that's set up, you can go to the Conduits tab and configure
>       what you want synchronized to where. 

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