Palm Zire72 on Ubuntu 7.10

Caleb Marcus caleb.marcus at
Thu Nov 22 03:21:40 UTC 2007

On Wed, 2007-11-21 at 23:48 -0200, Lisandro Weissheimer wrote:

> Hi all!
> It's the first time I try to sync my Palm with Ubuntu 7.10.
> It seems that the Palm is not being recognized. I try Kilot and Jpilot.
> Does anybody knows a way that I can get Hotsync working?

Try using Evolution, and going to Edit>Synchronization options... it
should be pretty simple. Actually, it's easier to set up network devices
like my Palm TX, but it allows you to use USB. Here are my instructions.
My Zire 72 isn't charged up, so I can't test them, but they should work:

     1. Open Evolution and go to Edit>Synchronization Options
     2. Go to the Devices tab and click Add
     3. Give it a name, and check off USB. Make sure to
        change /dev/pilot to usb: using the dropdown list. Leave
        everything else as default, and click OK.
     4. Now go to the PDAs tab and click Add. Change the Name and the
        Local Folder if you wish (put a . before the folder name to make
        it hidden), but don't touch the Owner and the PDA ID unless you
        want to overwrite the data that's already on the PDA. Then plug
        in the PDA and hit Get from PDA.
     5. Once that's set up, you can go to the Conduits tab and configure
        what you want synchronized to where.
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