alter language in T-bird on the fly

anthony baldwin anthony.baldwin01 at
Tue Nov 20 16:24:59 UTC 2007


I know I can set a default language for T-bird, but, I write in
4 different languages (EN, ES, FR, PT).
Now, for instance, in OpenOffice, I can highlight text, rt-clik,
and choose another language, so spellcheck is set for the appropriate, 
Is there a way to do this in T-bird?
Everytime I write in something other than EN, it lights up the message 
in red.
I have the dictionaries installed for my other languages, but, it seems
like T-bird only wants to deal with one language at a time.
Changing the default language everytime I write a message would
be neither practical nor convenient.

Should I be pestering someone at about this, rather than
this list?

Muito obrigado, merci beaucoup, muchas gracias,

Translation & Interpreting

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