mail notification for t-bird? (for dapper)

anthony baldwin anthony.baldwin01 at
Sat Nov 17 20:01:47 UTC 2007


Is there something to run in the ksystray or something to tell me when
I have new mail msgs, that works while t-bird is not running?
I installed the mozbiff extention thingy, but it only shows up when 
t-bird is running.
Whe t-bird is running, I know when I have new mail.
What I want is something that will alert me when t-bird is not running, 
so I know
to open t-bird and check the mail.
Oh...btw, I know there is one for feisty and it works quite well.
It´s great.  It shows an alert, and even shows all of what mail came in a
bubble/text box just by hovering over it.  Then you can click on the
little thingy, and t-bird (or your preferred client...this one would work
with kmail, evolution, etc.) opens right up.
That´s precisely what I want.  But for dapper.
I don´t recall it´s precise name, but, anyway, I am using dapper/kubuntu.
The feisty one is in the repos and I synaptic-ed it right in.
I´m not finding the same in the dapper repos, but, I can install by 
other means,
if someone can't point the way to where I can find such a thingy.


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