what´s taking up all this space on my hdd?

niel bqz69 at telia.com
Sat Nov 17 00:20:21 UTC 2007

It is important to create partitions in the following order:
/dev/hda1 primary
/dev/hda2 primary
/dev/hda3 primary
/dev/hda4 extended (placeholder for the logical partitions)
/dev/hda5 logical
(I am not quite sure how many logical partitions, but it is possible to create 
even more)

I have had some problems (not the same) long time ago, when I did not create 
partitions in above order, so it could be a reason - just a suggestion!

On Friday 16 November 2007 23.27.17 anthony baldwin wrote:
> anthony baldwin wrote:

> Okay, here´s what´s really weird.
> Qparted and Gparted both show that I have
> /dev/hda1   ext3  size 137.73 gb   used 34.92 gb  (this is the dapper
> partition)
> /dev/hda3   ext3  size   50.78 gb   used   8.44 gb  (this is the feisty
> partition).
> But kdiskfree and kwikdisk and the gnome system monitor and every other
> gnome or kde app that shows disk space tells me that
> /dev/hda1 is only 43.3gb, and, thus, has only 8gb of free space.
> I should have 101gb of free space on /dev/hda1.
> I don´t get it.
> It's freaking me out, though.
> /tony
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