what´s taking up all this space on my hdd?

anthony baldwin anthony.baldwin01 at comcast.net
Fri Nov 16 22:27:17 UTC 2007

anthony baldwin wrote:
>> Seems that you are mixing harddisk space and partition space.
>> *****
>> On Friday 16 November 2007 19.21.12 anthony baldwin wrote:
>>> Okay,
>>> I'm just a bundle of joy this week, eh...
>>> This is really, really weird.
>>> I'm running Dapper, right, and I decided to try feisty, so
>>> I stuck in the livecd and made a partition and installed feisty.
>>> I used about 140gb of my drive.  I figured I'd hang out with feisty and
>>> leave dapper as a backup, or something.
>>> I left my dapper install on about 45 gb.
>>> Then, I decided that I'd rather stick with dapper...
>>> So, I stuck the live cd back in, and deleted the feisty partition,
>>> resized my dapper partition to 140, made a new 45gb partition
>>> and installed feisty on that little partition, just for back up.
>>> Now, kdiskfree, the gnome disk thingy, and every other indicator
>>> is telling me that the dapper partition of c. 140gb has only 8gb
>>> of free space, even though it only identifies about 30gb
>>> of contents on the partition (most of which is my large collection
>>> of excellent Brazilian music...and tonso documents I've translated over
>>> the past year).
>>> So...if I only have 30gb of stuff on a 140gb partition, why
>>> do I have only 8gb of free space on said partition?
>>> What´s taking up the other c. 102gb of space?
>>> Dryer elves storing my lost socks?
>>> This is freaking me out, man...
>>> you dudes rock
>>> thanks for all the help
>>> /tony
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> Your explanation looks a bit confusing to me *smile*

Okay, here´s what´s really weird.
Qparted and Gparted both show that I have
/dev/hda1   ext3  size 137.73 gb   used 34.92 gb  (this is the dapper 
/dev/hda3   ext3  size   50.78 gb   used   8.44 gb  (this is the feisty 

But kdiskfree and kwikdisk and the gnome system monitor and every other
gnome or kde app that shows disk space tells me that
/dev/hda1 is only 43.3gb, and, thus, has only 8gb of free space.
I should have 101gb of free space on /dev/hda1.
I don´t get it.
It's freaking me out, though.


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