no sound on Feisty Fawn.

Patton Echols p.echols at
Wed Nov 14 07:55:00 UTC 2007

Well, I'm no exppert, but . . .

On 11/13/2007 10:05 PM, anthony baldwin wrote:
> Hi,
> I was on early with a sound problem on dapper, and I upgrade to Feisty.
> Still no sound.
> I can´t figure out what the deal is.  I don´t think it's a software issue.
> For all practical purposes, it looks like my sound card is detected and 
> functioning,
While the rest of your post makes it sound to me like hardware, I have 
found it very easy to misconfigure the SW.

One test is to open the volume control applet and make sure that all of 
the volume  sliders are in an "on" position AND make sure that none of 
the speaker Icons on the sliders have the red mute "X" on them.  While 
there, there, click File | Change Mixer and see what is selected.  If 
more than one option, maybe try both.  Also Edit | Preferences and make 
sure sane things are turned on.  (That last probably should not have 
> I get no errors when trying to play sound files in any media player...but
> no sound comes out of the machine.
> xmms will *look* like it´s playing, and I hear nothing...
> The sound card is onboard the mobo.
> It was working until just two days ago, then, while hearing
> streaming music from a site, it got all garbledy and staticky.

Uhh, yeah that sounds like hardware.  If it was the stream, it should 
have come back.
> I shut the speakers off at the time.
Using the switch on the speakers? Or the software.  If the latter, see 
above.  That is what I have done and inadvertently muted something.

> I haven´t hear a thing from them since (they are on now).
> Could the onboard soundcard be hosed, and software doesn't know it?
> Would it be wise to purchase and install a 3rd party card?
I guess I'd be surprised if just the sound could go out w/o killing off 
the card.  The speakers would be my first suspect.

Before I replaced the sound card, I would test the software as above and 
check out other advice here.  Then I'd want to prove that the speakers 
themselves were still good; maybe plug them into an MP3 player or 
another computer.  (Though I wonder if fried speakers could damage the 
sound card . . . no sense in frying another. )  An alternative would be 
to plug in some cheap, but provably functional, headphones into the 
computer and see if they work.

Something like that should help to marrow it down.

Good  luck,


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