no sound on Feisty Fawn.

anthony baldwin anthony.baldwin01 at
Wed Nov 14 06:05:33 UTC 2007


I was on early with a sound problem on dapper, and I upgrade to Feisty.
Still no sound.
I can´t figure out what the deal is.  I don´t think it's a software issue.
For all practical purposes, it looks like my sound card is detected and 
I get no errors when trying to play sound files in any media player...but
no sound comes out of the machine.
xmms will *look* like it´s playing, and I hear nothing...
The sound card is onboard the mobo.
It was working until just two days ago, then, while hearing
streaming music from a site, it got all garbledy and staticky.
I shut the speakers off at the time.
I haven´t hear a thing from them since (they are on now).
Could the onboard soundcard be hosed, and software doesn't know it?
Would it be wise to purchase and install a 3rd party card?
I'm kinda lost here.
Any ideas would be deeply appreciated.


Version: 3.12
GL d- s-:-- a C+++ UL++ P L+++ E---- W++ N+ o- K- w-- 
O- M+ V- PS++ PE-- Y+ PGP+ t+ 5 X+ R tv b++++ DI D---- 
G e+++ h---- r+++ y++++ 

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