Mouse doesn't open anything in the toolbar any more!

Zachary Sandberg zachary.sandberg at
Wed Nov 14 01:37:03 UTC 2007

Ashley Benton wrote:
> Hi,
> I was putting some applets on my toolbar when an error report showed
> up and froze the system. As I didn't know what to do or which
> application to kill I rebooted the computer. Now I have trouble with
> my mouse. I can see the arrow of the mouse and move it, if I right
> click on the screen or click on something that is on the desktop that
> works but if I try the toolbar nothing happen. Does anybody have any
> idea of what I should do? Right now I am stuck out of my home and
> everything that is on the toolbar.
> I am using ubuntu 6.10
> Thank you
> Meg

Alternativly, if you cannot open nautilus, you can open a terminal, and 
type "cd .gconf" <enter> "cd apps" <enter> and then "rm -dr panel" 
without the quotes.

Zachary Sandberg

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