Mouse doesn't open anything in the toolbar any more!

Zachary Sandberg zachary.sandberg at
Wed Nov 14 01:27:12 UTC 2007

Ashley Benton wrote:
> Hi,
> I was putting some applets on my toolbar when an error report showed
> up and froze the system. As I didn't know what to do or which
> application to kill I rebooted the computer. Now I have trouble with
> my mouse. I can see the arrow of the mouse and move it, if I right
> click on the screen or click on something that is on the desktop that
> works but if I try the toolbar nothing happen. Does anybody have any
> idea of what I should do? Right now I am stuck out of my home and
> everything that is on the toolbar.
> I am using ubuntu 6.10
> Thank you
> Meg

On rare occasions, Gnome will sometimes crash making things unclickable. 
    Fortunatly, this rarely ever brings the computer to a halt even if 
it appears so.  Hitting the key combination Ctrl+Alt+Backspace (not 
delete) will restart GDM, and drop you back to the login screen.  This 
sometimes happens to me if I am trying a buggy new program.  A Hard 
power off is almost always unnecessary, and can possibly currupt the 
file system in instances.  Since Gnome stores it's tool bar information 
in xml files ( I think anyway) chances are one of the files wasn't 
written to correctly at the time of the crash and in turn sort of 
corrupting that file.  To fix your problem you could go to Nautilus, and 
select the "show hidden files" box under the view menu then erasing the 
"panel" folder. Go to ".gconf">"apps" and erase the folder called 
"panel", which will flush all the settings for applet placement and 
customization.  After this log off, and log back in.  The folder should 
have recreated itself, and your  settings should be restored to default 
along with your ability to use the toolbar.  Hope this works :)  If 
something more was messed up, you could erase the "nautilus" folder in 
.gconf too, hopefully that will fix you up.
Let me know how this worked!
Zachary Sandberg

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