Command lines to create new ubuntu users?

Charlie Zender zender at
Tue Nov 13 12:34:25 UTC 2007


How do I create fully Ubuntu user accounts with a traditional UNIX
'useradd' command? When I add new users via the Kubuntu
system/users&groups menu-driven interface, the users have, by default,
full access to the system hardware such as the sound interface.
But new users whom I add with the command-line 'useradd' command,

sudo useradd -c 'User' -d /home/user -g group -m -u userid user

do not have access to, e.g., the computer sound chip.
For example, they cannot start the audio mixer kmix.

I think there should be a command line equivalent to all GUI actions,
so what command-line programs and switches (e.g., useradd) will create
the same 'user priveleges' (sound devices, CD access, etc.) for new
users as the menu-driven interface?.

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