Dellbuntu 6400n

Jacob fun2program8 at
Tue Nov 13 01:29:35 UTC 2007

On Mon, 12 Nov 2007 12:32:43 +0000 (GMT)
Anthony Gardner <cyclewood_ltd at> wrote:

> Just to let you know, I bought s Dellbuntu 6400n for my sister who has never used Linux before.
> This weekend, I went to hers to set it up.
> All went very smoothly and aspects were just embarrassing!!
> Bearing in mind, when I said I was gonna check that flash was running okay in youtube my sister replied 'What's YouTube?'
> So, she bought herself a brand new HP OJ 6310 Printer/scanner/Copier/Fax (from a list recommended by me). She unboxed it, plugged the pluggable bits in. I then fired up gnome's default printing tool and then the embarrassment kicked in.
> I was getting ready to talk her through how to set up the computer to recognise the printer when to my horror, everything had already been installed. I was stammering thinking, surely it can't be THAT easy and my sister asked 'when do we have to insert the installation CD?'.
> Scanning was a breeze and nicely integrated with the system. Default location to save images from xsane  was ~/Pictures


Ugh... must... avoid... Dell's... laptops... ...terrible*... cannot... must... resist... ugh....

* (Dell has a bad history of things breaking down, as far as I've have heard.)


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    Are you ready?

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