How to filter search results in a google or yahoo searchengineresult list

Tipton, Timothy Timothy.Tipton at
Mon Nov 12 22:15:00 UTC 2007

> I will try to explain a little more detailed, what kind of program I
> looking for:
> First I search in an search engine, and get 7.900 search results split
> on
> 79 individual search result pages  (1,2,3 etc), all linked from the
> search result page.
> Then I would like to do a free text search on those 7.900 search
> based on a more specific search term (I know what I am looking for),
> then
> end up with maybe 80 search results, specific aimed at what I am
> for.
> Then again i maybe would like to do another still more specific search
> those 80 search results, and maybe end up with 18 results.

I don't know about yahoo, but on Google, if you do a search, for
instance, on "gold rings" you get 1 million plus pages, if you scroll to
the bottom of the page of the first results, there's a link there that
says " Search within results" ... which takes you to a new search page,
but only searches within the results of your original search.

I would post a screenshot here, but since it's plain text... well...

Give that a try.

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