Compiz + Intel driver

Xurxo F. xurxo13 at
Mon Nov 12 10:10:31 UTC 2007

I'm using gutsy's compiz-fusion + intel driver (915 graphic card).
Effects work fine but some programs have problems with the video output:
blinking screens, no full screen, random crashes (googlemaps, mplayer,
mame, etc). Sometimes changing the output from XV to X11 or XGL works,
other dont (XGL mplayer wont work while XGL VLC works great).

My question: is a compiz problem or is the intel driver. Do you think
we'll see a solution for them?

It's hard to go back to metacity after using compiz, some effects such
as transparencies are helpful when working.

PS- Don't you get frustrated with wobbly windows sometimes? Sometimes I
try to move the screen next to the top bar and it will wobble and go
down one inch or so.

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