Compiz + Intel driver

Tony Arnold tony.arnold at
Mon Nov 12 10:44:00 UTC 2007


Xurxo F. wrote:

> I'm using gutsy's compiz-fusion + intel driver (915 graphic card).
> Effects work fine but some programs have problems with the video output:
> blinking screens, no full screen, random crashes (googlemaps, mplayer,
> mame, etc). Sometimes changing the output from XV to X11 or XGL works,
> other dont (XGL mplayer wont work while XGL VLC works great).
> My question: is a compiz problem or is the intel driver. Do you think
> we'll see a solution for them?

Which driver are you using, i810 or intel? I moved my machine to the
intel driver recently and it seems to be a lot better.

> PS- Don't you get frustrated with wobbly windows sometimes? Sometimes I
> try to move the screen next to the top bar and it will wobble and go
> down one inch or so.

I've managed to get wobbly windows to oscillate continuously. Seems to
be a combination of the wobble and the 'magnetic' edges.

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