xubuntu on old laptop

luke platypuss luke.platypuss at googlemail.com
Sun Nov 11 19:20:03 UTC 2007

just on the install of Xubuntu 7.04 (alternate)

it is on a twinhead laptop sl9t-166tz, 2.2gb maxtor Hd, 96Mb sdram, Xircom
pcmcia network/modem card ....

well have spent all weekend with it installing :-)

got it on there ...
BUT now on booting up get a fault
busybox v1.1.3 /bib/sh: can't access tty; job control turned off

am sure i found something on the forums ... a bit ago but not sure now SO
off to searching all the forums again :-(

any ideas anyone ?????

OH yes and by the way this is an old junker that i am trying to get going
for my 10yr daughter , so she can do homework and web stuff on ..

cheers LUKE
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