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Alex Janssen alex at
Mon Nov 12 00:56:15 UTC 2007

Tim M said the following on 11/11/2007 12:31 PM:
> I am trying to set up so that my laptop can print to my computer
> running XP. I find that much simpler that having to figure out how to
> set up Ubuntu to print because my printer is not connected to my
> Ubuntu server. Anyway the problem is I can set up the printer using
> SMB as in smb://workgroup/gateway/epsonStylusC Thjs setup page gives
> me the option of Print Test Page, Print Self-Test Page, Clean Print
> Heads . . . it will print a test page without a problem BUT Apply is
> grayed out so that I cannot apply the settings. Any ideas on how I can
> apply these settings so I can use the printer from my laptop?
> Thanks, Tim
Seems to me that Apply is greyed-out if you haven't changed anything or 
you don't have permissions to change anything.
Just fishing here.


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